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November, 2013:

Wow. This guy is a piece of work!

Conservatives. Ah. Some of them never cease to amaze me. Take this guy for example. I guess, as one of those infidel atheists (or I.A’s, as we like to be called) I should thank him? But this is just so damned awkward. He clearly doesn’t quite know what to make of us.

Let see… “Infidel“…

a person who has no religion or whose religion is not that of the majority.
“a crusade against infidels and heretics”
synonyms: unbeliever, disbeliever, non-believer, heathen, pagan, idolater, idolatress, heretic, agnostic, atheist, non-theist, nihilist, apostate, freethinker, libertine, dissenter, nonconformist

Yeah, I guess that’s me.

And for the record, we I.A.’s don’t really “celebrate” anything specific over Christmas, but it’s a great time to get together with family and friends.


And the Day of Greed….

… begets the season.

Lots of good things have been exported northward from our neighbours to the south. Black Friday ain’t one of them.

It’s such a transparent cash-grab but no one seems to care.



Tony Clement asked to be…

… on the the Harper Christmas card too.

But his boss said no (wait for it), one rodent is a enough.




Memo from the PMO to straws…

Dear Straws: we are grasping at you.
Sincerely, Steve


“These latest allegations are troubling. Our Government does not condone illegal drug use, especially by elected officials while in office, including Justin Trudeau. We’ll continue to work with all levels of government on shared priorities, such as jobs and economic growth. That includes working with mayors and city councils, including the Mayor of Toronto and Toronto City Council,” MacDonald, Mr. Harper’s top spokesman, said in the statement.”


Seriously? You found a way to compare the actions of the Horror of Hogtown to JT?

Guess the staffers have checked out the polling on three of the four by elections and have seen that it ain’t looking too good.

Fear, Desperation,
thou hast shown many faces
so rage against all


Rob Ford Campaign 2014 slogans…

… I couldn’t resist.

  • Rob Ford – he’ll crack you up!
  • Rob Ford – promising to be a little more sober during Council meetings
  • Rob Ford – engaging street youth at their level!
  • Rob Ford – running high in the polls!
  • Rob Ford – see him on Letterman, The Daily Show, Leno…
  • Rob Ford – Harper still wants his hat trick!
  • Rob Ford – sober since 9 am… uh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – honest and open about his life… when forced to by overwhelming public outcry!
  • Rob Ford – supported by Tim Hudak, what?, oh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – on his own gravy train…
  • Rob Ford – this time promising fewer police officers!
  • Rob Ford – delivering on a 2010 campaign promise to bring homeless people off the streets… and into my car.
  • Rob Ford – making Larry O’Brien look like a genius since 2010


E Day à Montréal!

Thinking of my bro-in-law this afternoon as the polls close in about 5 hours across Quebec.

It’s municipal election time and Steve Shanahan will make a GREAT city Councillor! As well, Mélanie Joly will make an awesome Mayor!

What a nice change from old white guys that will be.

My wife just left Ottawa to join Steve and the team for what will sure-to-be a VICTORY party tonight. I wish I could be there with them but (sigh) have an early morning meeting that I couldn’t get out of….

Bonne chance!!!