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JT smoked pot

Wow. Stop the presses!

Big freaking deal.

So Steve thinks that the honest admission of Justin T that he smoked some weed a few years ago is enough of a reason to declare the leader of the LPC as unfit to be PM.

Yet, according to Mr. Harper, a PM who:

– appoints crooks and liars to the Senate
– prorogues Parliament THREE times for no good reason but to avoid being questioned in the House about questionable CPC activities
– wanted to spy on Canadians’ online activities without a legal warrant
– continues to pour millions into bogus Economic inAction Plan advertising
– has taken Canada from a surplus to a deficit budgetary position in a very short time
– is vilified internationally because of his position on the environment
– grossly mismanaged an important military procurement file
– slashes services to Afghanistan vets as they come back form active duty
– etc, etc ad nauseum

is QUITE fit to be PM…

Um, OK.

Stephen Harper. He’s clearly not up to the job.


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