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E Day in Ottawa South!


Come on everyone! Woot with me!

I just don’t “get” people who don’t get excited about elections. It is the one tangible time when we, as citizens, can choose what a part of our democracy will look like.

As we are CITIZENS, dammit! Not “taxpayers” as conservatives like to call us! CITIZENS!!

And as citizens, we have a responsibility to VOTE. It’s not simply a right.

Anyhoo… Congrats to all of the candidates in Ottawa South. It takes some guts to put your name in the ring.

I will be taking my daughter to the polling booth with me after I pick her up from camp this afternoon. We all need to turn our kids onto this whole democracy thing at a young age, right?

As for Ottawa South, the three front runners all ran strong campaigns. I didn’t like how Matt Young and the PC’s kept trying to draw a non-existent link between what John’s boss did and what John knew… but w.e. Conservatives are famous for spreading misinformation. In spite of this, Mr. Young shows promise; he’s just with the wrong party.

Bronwyn also ran a strong campaign in a riding that will never vote NDP. Good on her. She clearly has bigger goals in mind after her School Board Trustee gig ends.

Finally, John Fraser showed his mettle in the campaign trail. He was energetic, forthright and rose above the accusations made against him. He deserves the opportunity to show we citizens of Ottawa South what he can do at Queen’s Park.

And he will. But it will be very, very close.



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