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July 16th, 2013:

Citizen article on OCDSB playstructures

Great piece on the state of playstructures in Ottawa Carleton District School Board schools.

I’m hoping the Board steps up in the fall and ups its funding commitment to playstructure renewal projects. I, as a parent and member of school council, would like our school’s volunteer efforts to focus on other things aside from playstructures. Yes, they are an important part of our children’s physical development, but there is SO much more!

BTW, a h/t to not only Trustee Fisher, who is bringing the issue to the forefront, but to Trustee Blackburn who contacted me to clarify and elaborate on some points. This is how Trustees serve their constituency!

I wonder what my Trustee is doing… Oh. Yeah.

Too bad she doesn’t live in the riding. She might have a chance at increasing the Dipper traditional 13-15 percent vote share!


Just so I understand…

… because I surely must be confused.

The public service is fat, bloated, overpaid and benefits from a pension plan that is second to none (except, of course, that MPs have access to, but that’s different, I guess).

Bureaucrats and their hated unions – and those danged union bosses are a big impediment to Canada reaching the economic Valhalla that our strong, stable, majority Conservative government is steadfastly steering it toward.

So here’s the confusion…

While the PS is vilified, Harper is of the school called “Do as I Say and Not as I Do Academy” ( a subsidiary of the Fraser Institute) as he grows his Cabinet to a size not seen since Mulroney was PM.

Even the hated Jean Chretien didn’t see the need for so many in the inner circle and the extra $ and perks that membership in this cabal affords!

So, Steve, i know you don’t give a rat’s ass about justifying this apparent contradiction to that ol’ bloated bureaucracy.

But what about your red-blooded conservative base? You think they’re happy about this?

I think not.