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June, 2013:

Cletus, Jethro, Beula and Slim…

… would all be great names for the yet-to-be-born latest British royal anachronism!
I listened with disgust this morning as some zombie from the monarchist league of Canada (yes, they’re still around and huffing and puffing their “I love da Queen!” royal crap) was being interviewed on Ottawa morning. He was all a-titter about – get this – a “naming party” that this throwback group is having tonight to talk about what the latest royal brat should be named.
Can you say “too much time on your hands”?
I almost rear ended the truck in front of me when the guy said, “well, this will be the King or Queen of Canada, you know.”
I find it unbelievable that a significant portion of our population still buys into the notion that the head of our government should be a foreign monarch with absolutely zero democratic legitimacy. I thought that most of these people would eventually die out, but no such luck so far.
Knowing that I’ll likely not see it in my time, I still feel good shouting : <strong>Long Live the Republic of Canada!</strong>



Alberta floods, where’s Steve?

As far as I can tell, the only reaction from Harper concerning the horrible situation in southern Alberta has been this piece on conversations that he had with Premier Redford and Calgary Mayor Nenshi indicating that Feds will help out if needed.

But where is he? Shouldn’t he be there filling sandbags or something? Is the Member from Calgary East that confident of his seat that he thinks he can stay far away from all that yucky mud and not pay for it politically?

Um, yeah. He probably can… but he should be there; even if for symbolic reasons. Obama sure as hell tours disaster areas. It’s the “leader” thing to do, isn’t it?


The Sopranos – final edit

I thought it was worth re-posting this entry from 6 years ago… Gonna miss that big lug.


I don’t often blog about TV shows. To me, it is a bit of a waste of time editorializing about fiction – especially fiction presented on this medium.

But I don’t mind breaking this rule in the name of Uncle Tony and the gang.

Last night’s series conclusion was baffling to say the least. Yes, I know many of the true fans are pointing to the ending as appropriate in terms of not having a really conclusion with the ends nicely tied up because Tony S. was much the same piece of work… lots of loose ends.

But I can’t help but figger if we fans were taken for a bunch of saps. Here is the conclusion. You guys figure it out – and BTW – here’s the DVD with alternate endings and the full -length feature film!

Maybe I missed something on the way to the peeler joint, but one can interpret the ending as I have stated above – nuthin‘ but a set-up. Or it can be seen as a purist’s delight due to the symbolism shown in the final scene and the cut to black technique.

After some angry moments, I am coming over to the more artsy interpretation. The fans sites are busy places today and one of the posts points out the scene when Tony and Bobby are on the lake and Tony says that when you’re whacked, you never see it coming and you just cut to back.

Just like the ending.


So, OC Transpo…

… when did it become OK to allow Christian proselytizing on your buses?

I find this offensive:


And just a couple of ad slots along is yet another ad for a church in Kanata!

What gives? As I recall, there was quite a to-do when (if I recall correctly) the Canadian Freethought Association wanted to put atheist-oriented ads on buses. Initially, the ads were refused but then subsequently approved by City Council.

But I don’t recall any column inches or Council discussion being devoted (forgive the pun) to these new ads. Did I miss something?



Canada’s refusal to sign the UN arms trade treaty…

…is nothing short of bizarre!

And Pit bill Baird’s contention that the Grit and Dipper support for the treaty is somehow related to reintroducing the Gun Registry is stuff from a freaking alternate universe!

Seriously? Has the moral compass of the CPC gone that wacky???