Another earthquake in Ottawa?

Update– looks like there were two quakes at 9:43 (4.8) and 9:53 am (4.3) outside of Arnprior, Ontario.

Did anyone else feel that?



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5 Comments to “Another earthquake in Ottawa?”

  1. That’s what happens when the Leafs get in the playoffs.

  2. Maqaw says:

    Felt it here in North Bay too. First sesmic event l ever experienced and two cats here were visibly upset till it ended. Asked neighbours who were outside if they felt it, they said no. lt was very shaky for 8-10 secs l estimate, physically felt house shaking, scary stuff.

  3. Babydoll says:

    Fuckyeah! I’m in Ottawa I felt it, n my friends in Quebec, Barrie Ontario, and Toronto all felt it

  4. Jessica says:

    I felt it.
    My house shook and my dog flipped.

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