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May, 2013:

More of Ford’s staff are abandoning…

... Good Ship Ford (372)

Jason Kenney…

…scumbag extraordinaire…

Why one of Harper’s most vile attack mutts thought it was OK to use the stabbing in London as fodder against Justin Trudeau is beyond me.

Stay classy, JK, stay classy.


Of course Harper…

… tries to blame the Opposition for the latest CPC debacle!
Canadians have grown to expect this complete lack of accountability.



Oooooohhhh nooooo….

Harper is unhappy! And upset too!

Who will feel his wrath? Who will he throw under the big blue bus?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Nigel Wright resigns…

… and this troubling scandal deepens.

How much did Harper know?

What DON’T we know about – yet?

A what point does the number of misdeeds, lies and deception by Harper government officials lead some to suggest that Harper call an election? Clearly, the government is losing the confidence of Parliament and the people of Canada?

Just asking…


Another earthquake in Ottawa?

Update– looks like there were two quakes at 9:43 (4.8) and 9:53 am (4.3) outside of Arnprior, Ontario.

Did anyone else feel that?



My team

I am part of Leaf Nation, and proud.


And all these years…

… We’ve been told that conservatives are better money managers…

So. Um. Why is $3 billion or so, um, missing?

Money managers?

Methinks Harper is over his head.


Depressing that the new OLP Education Minister…

… is confirming her support for the Ontario’s wasteful and discriminatory duplicate school board system.

If there is an election over the Budget, my vote for the Ontario Greens – the only party to say that the system needs a second look – is a lock!