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Guilty of numerous intellectual offences…

I am guilty of committing sociology. There. I said it.

I will give myself up quietly to the proper authorities.

I have also committed “analysis” in the past, so there will be more charges. And I won’t even start on my associations with known psychologists, statisticians, mathematicians and political scientists.

And this being fully aware of the consequences that being convicted of committing mathematics can bring…

In my defense, however, these are mostly home-grown felons and not from abroad.

Maybe I should cop a plea and name names… hmmm…

What gets me is this is an “oops” that is very uncharacteristic of our normally scripted-to-the-max PM.


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  1. Michael Johansen says:

    I’ve even seen you engage in deductive reasoning, so I wouldn’t expect any leniency.

    1. trashee says:

      Hey! I was just experimenting!

  2. Evolving Squid says:

    I’ve been known to commit math, physics, and psychology myself!

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