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April 20th, 2013:

4/20 2013

Though I don’t actively participate. *cough*… cuz ya don’t know when the man is watching.. Ya.

I totally support the legalization of pot. Always have.

Go kids! And let the movement GROW!



The Cons castigate JT…

… for daring to wonder why young men would carry out something as horrific as the Boston bombings. The Harperites feel that the only thoughts should be of vengeance.

“Don’t ask those mamby-pamby questions that need to be answered to mitigate against the possibility of future acts like these, boy! Get in there and bare your teeth!”

But this guy:


says this :


Yeah. The President is being mamby pamby, I guess.

How about it, Steve and Vic? Gonna crap on Obama now?