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The socialists at the International Monetary Fund…

DARE to say that the Harperland economy is WEAK! They DARE!


Canada’s economic growth will be the slowest among Group of 20 countries outside Europe as it grapples with a cooling housing market and as policy makers rein in deficits, according to the International Monetary Fund.


The Washington-based lender cut its 2013 Canadian growth forecast to 1.5%, from an October estimate of 2%, while boosting its projections for Japanese growth to 1.6%. The U.S. economy will grow at a 1.9% pace this year, while the euro area contracts by 0.3%, the fund said Tuesday in its World Economic Outlook.

This can simply not be true! Like the UN, the IMF is in the hands of socialist bastards who are hell bent on leather to discredit our Strong Conservative Majority Government at every opportunity!

Do the right thing, Mr. Harper! Distance yourself as far as possible from these mohair-wearing, pipe-smoking intellectuals! You’ve done likewise with the UN and pretty much every major environmental and social organisation on the planet, so why not the IMF!



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  1. Michael Johansen says:

    Shocked and appalled, I say! Shocked. And. Appalled.

    1. David Hendry says:

      Harper would distance himself from them if he could figure out who else would give him his pocket money for the week so he can go get a burger and fries.

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