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To clarify…

… Something about my post yesterday about ex PM Thatcher’s death…

I admired her as a leader of conviction, as a woman who was a trailblazer for female politicians everywhere, and as a savvy politician.

I would say the first and last points about some other conservative pols, as well… like Reagan…

BUT, this does not mean that I agreed with all of her or their convictions or their policies. I am of the opinion that all leaders and political parties of all stripes cannot be wrong all of the time. I will occasionally agree with certain policies regardless of the differences in our political leanings.

Most conservatives don’t see things this way. It is black or white. They seldom find anything positive in someone on the left or centre-left.

Notwithstanding her positive attributes, Thatcher’s legacy has to include the brutality that was used in reforming the UK’s welfare state, and her abhorrent stand on apartheid; a stand that Canadian conservatives of a certain age will remember as a huge thorn in the relationship between she and Brian Mulroney.

So take my praise within the context and limitations above.


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  1. kirbycairo says:

    I think we should stop praising politicians simply for the strength of their convictions. I once had an uncle and every time he got drunk he was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that he saw the ghost of his mother doing the laundry in the kitchen. The strength of this conviction was really irrelevant to the fact that he was a real waister. Convictions mean nothing in and of themselves – it is content of the beliefs that matter.

    As for Thatcher’s position vis-a-vis women – most of the women I know would have been perfectly pleased to do without her.

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