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Liberal leadership race – Joyce Murray for PM

As much as I’d like to believe that Joyce Murray can pull off an upset and win the LPC leadership, I cannot realistically expect this to happen. Trudeau has the momentum, the money and the supporters. And the hair.


Joyce has the policy knowledge. She knows the files. We don’t know if JT knows the files. J’en doute.

She has the guts to stand up to the hyper partisan portion of the party to say : let’s put our differences with the NDP aside for one election and cooperate in order to defeat the Cons. Then we reform the electoral system with something that will more accurately represent the intentions on Canadians.

She recognizes that splitting the centre / left of centre vote election after election will only assure a CPC government… Election after election.

She also sees the value of environmental sustainability and policies aimed to ensure that biodiversity, our water supplies and our food supplies are protected.

She also knows that Canada’s place on the international stage has been severely tarnished by the Harperites, and she will work to put us back in a place where we are once again respected.

And she also knows that the war on marijuana is one that should have never been waged and the time has come to legalize its use and remove the criminal element from this industry.

I Just voted for Joyce Murray, the best candidate to represent the interests of Canadian progressives and the LPC!

And I hope my vote helps to elect her.


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