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April, 2013:

Today is the Angry Man’s Birthday!

Yes, folks, Stevo is sure to tie one on tonight in celebration of the 54th year since his construction in a robotics factory somewhere in Southern Ontario.

So, in honour of the head CPC henchman, I have composed a haiku…

Bonne Fête, oh angry man
Count your days as Emperor
You’re toast in two years


Guilty of numerous intellectual offences…

I am guilty of committing sociology. There. I said it.

I will give myself up quietly to the proper authorities.

I have also committed “analysis” in the past, so there will be more charges. And I won’t even start on my associations with known psychologists, statisticians, mathematicians and political scientists.

And this being fully aware of the consequences that being convicted of committing mathematics can bring…

In my defense, however, these are mostly home-grown felons and not from abroad.

Maybe I should cop a plea and name names… hmmm…

What gets me is this is an “oops” that is very uncharacteristic of our normally scripted-to-the-max PM.


I think I’ve asked dawg peeps this before…

… but again, why do some of you do this?


and this:


These dawg peeps went to the trouble of picking up the poop, bagging it, and then they just leave it behind?

I don’t get it. Can someone explain?


I may be here tomorrow, but….

Awesome coach training session tonight! Loved it!


Some notes:

1) The other coaches were at least 5 yrs younger than me. The majority were 25-35. I guess most guys don’t father a child at 44. Testosterone-challenged woosies.

2) Being one step above sedentary for a year and then, well, doing wind sprints for 2 hours? Feels great. But I was consciously checking for signs of a heart attack. “No numbness in left arm? Gooood…”

3) oops. Spoke too soon.

4) nope. Just indigestion.

5) I love the Beautiful Game. While my heart is with hockey, the poetry of soccer? Sorry. There is no equivalent.

6) Finally, I’m going to be really, really, really sore tomorrow. Really sore.

7) Really.


4/20 2013

Though I don’t actively participate. *cough*… cuz ya don’t know when the man is watching.. Ya.

I totally support the legalization of pot. Always have.

Go kids! And let the movement GROW!



The Cons castigate JT…

… for daring to wonder why young men would carry out something as horrific as the Boston bombings. The Harperites feel that the only thoughts should be of vengeance.

“Don’t ask those mamby-pamby questions that need to be answered to mitigate against the possibility of future acts like these, boy! Get in there and bare your teeth!”

But this guy:


says this :


Yeah. The President is being mamby pamby, I guess.

How about it, Steve and Vic? Gonna crap on Obama now?


Royal this and royal that is a royal pain in the a$$!

As usual, I gag when I see how the CPC is regressing Canada back to the days when we were a only years removed from being a colony.

What’s next? The Royal Canadian Department of Natural Resources?

I hope I live long enough to see us finally drop the colonial anachronism.


These guys…

…are used to working in the gutters, just like the CPC hyenas who hire them.



The socialists at the International Monetary Fund…

DARE to say that the Harperland economy is WEAK! They DARE!


Canada’s economic growth will be the slowest among Group of 20 countries outside Europe as it grapples with a cooling housing market and as policy makers rein in deficits, according to the International Monetary Fund.


The Washington-based lender cut its 2013 Canadian growth forecast to 1.5%, from an October estimate of 2%, while boosting its projections for Japanese growth to 1.6%. The U.S. economy will grow at a 1.9% pace this year, while the euro area contracts by 0.3%, the fund said Tuesday in its World Economic Outlook.

This can simply not be true! Like the UN, the IMF is in the hands of socialist bastards who are hell bent on leather to discredit our Strong Conservative Majority Government at every opportunity!

Do the right thing, Mr. Harper! Distance yourself as far as possible from these mohair-wearing, pipe-smoking intellectuals! You’ve done likewise with the UN and pretty much every major environmental and social organisation on the planet, so why not the IMF!



Credit where due…

I’m becoming increasingly impressed with the degree to which some public and private organisations are using social media to improve customer service.

Case in point: the hydro pole in my elderly neighbour’s back yard had begun to tilt dramatically over the past year or so. So much so that my cable and phone lines were only about 7 feet off the ground. I was waiting for my neighbour to call about it, but when that didn’t happen (honestly, I don’t think he even noticed it or remembered after I chatted with him about it last fall) I figgered I’d give the utility a buzz.

So, I go on their site to find which of the numerous emails and phone numbers I should use, when I noticed they were on Twitter. So, what the hell, I like to see now and then if organisations actually use their SM accounts and don’t just have them to show that they’re hip.

I Tweet the problem late Saturday afternoon and what do ya know, I receive a Tweet back Monday morning asking me to DM (that’s direct message, for those not in “the know”) them with the address. I complied and what do ya know (again), my daughter calls me on Tuesday morning (in a panicky voice cuz the poor girl cannot imagine a house without electricity) to say that a Hydro Ottawa guy came to the door saying that the power will be out for a half hour or so while they fix the pole.

Sent Tweet on Saturday, April 13. Receive Tweet back on Monday, fixed on Tuesday.

Now THAT’S how to use SM to improve customer service…