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Hyper-centralised control freaks…

… rule the PMO and the CPC caucus… Including the Chief Freak with the initials “SH”.

Two cases in point:

There is the recent decision by the Minister for nEnvironment Canada (aka, like all Ministers, lackeys for the 20-something’s in the PMO), to demand that The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE), due to shut its doors this week, not to upload any more information on its site and indeed, turn over all information, papers, etc., to the environment department to be *ahem* disposed as it sees fit.

Yes, it is true that NRTEE, although it was an arms-length body, was still a public body using public funds and is thus accountable to the government of the day. No doubt. But the PMO could have gone about this quietly and simply revoked access to all things that have a public face at the soon to be former Agency.

But no, in the supercharged partisan environment at the PMO, there must be zero risk that some rogue group – and certainly some bitter folks – cast any negativity on the government messaging. It is the reason why NRTEE was nuked in the first place; too many facts were published that called into doubt specific government stances on issues like global warming and the tar sands.

Case in point number two.

And this one might have long term consequences for the Harperites…

Backbench CPC MPs are becoming vocal about the lack of independence and interference by PMO staffers in the content of their S.O. 30 speaking time.
It seems like some of these pols with decades of political and life experience don’t like to be overlorded by a nerdy 23 yr old who happens to be the kid of some large party donor.

Go figger.

It has come to a head with a certain backbencher wanting to introduce a non binding Motion to condemn the use of sex specific abortion… just a Motion.
But, in order to stay on the message that the Cons are having naught to do with the abortion debate, the MP was told, 15 minutes before his speaking time, that he wouldn’t be allowed to speak.

This is reportedly happening elsewhere in the CPC caucus and some are not taking lying down, claiming that “gee, isn’t it our job to represent and communicate on behalf of their constituents, and not so much to simply keep the PMO happy”?

Go figger. Again.

Yeah, of course the other parties whip their MPs on votes etc., and that is a part of the party system. But taking the control to the extreme as has the CPC goes further than that and works against the principles of the Westminster parliamentary system.

It doesn’t matter whether or not one supports the intents of these motion s or member’s statements. But they do have the right to exercise what little influence they have.

Nevertheless, some of these bad boys will be read a certain “act”, im



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