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Budget, Hell, Bobby Orr and Cuban edition…

So, another Con Budget and more spouting on about the so-called “Economic Action Plan”…

Wake up people! The plan is over! Done. Finito! So why the frick are we still hearing about it and why the frick are millions of dollars still being spent on this CPC propaganda horse???

Susan Delacourt summarises this travesty up quite nicely here.

Seriously Harper? Seriously???

On average, this government has exceeded their budgeted ad spending by 37% per year. At a time where departments have their budgets cut, where staff are still being released, and where fiscal prudence is the supposed buzzword of the day, this government continually feels the need to try and convince you that they are doing a terrific job, and are spending your money to do it – not always in the most ethical fashion either if we recall back to those big Conservative logo cheques being used as stage props when funds from the Economic Action Plan were released. And really, do we still need to keep hearing about the Action Plan? The initial cost of those ads were over $21 Million, and this year again the government is spending a further $16 Million on advertizing the Plan.


I don’t normally pay a lot of attention to the emails that I receive from my union (CAPE), but this one caught my eye…. pretty much nails my sentiments about the Budget as well.

Another Another Unimaginative Budget Designed to Pave the Way for the 2015 ElectionOttawa, March 21, 2013 – The Canadian government today tabled a budget so devoid of innovative measures and oblivious to the economic challenges facing Canada that we can only wonder what planet the Minister of Finance is living on. We note, however, that the Minister did announce the government’s intention to review its human resources management methods and the total compensation of its employees, and we wish to remind the Minister that any changes in terms and conditions of employment must be negotiated at the bargaining table with the unions representing federal employees.


Holy shit. When I die, and if I’m wrong (I’m not, but let’s imagine) about the whole heaven and hell shtick  this is what I’ll be looking at upon entering my new home for eternity (yeah, that would be 666 Main Street, Hell, my man!)


 BTW, why do pols – Cons and others – have this annoying desire to stick their thumbs up at every opportunity?


Yeah, the fam and I went for a vacay in the land of Fidel. Had a blast. The sea, sun and cervesas were amazing. But the best part about Cuba is its people. I have seldom met nicer, warmer and proud people as the Cubans. They are very family-oriented, always smiling and helpful in spite of the fact that they live in a repressive state.

The totalitarianism will end eventually. I suspect that once Fidel dies and maybe his brother as well – then there will be some true reforms… and “opening up”, if you will. I wonder what will happen then? It could go two ways, I reckon. The country may indeed join the other western democracies, the US sanctions will end and all will transition quite nicely.

Or, it might not go so well if the military attempts to hold on to power and a civil war is parked.

For my Cuban friends, I hope it is the former.


Finally, #4 turned 65 this week. For this former Parry Sound boy, he was and is the greatest hockey player who has even played the Game.

And he’s a helluva class act too…

Happy birthday, Bobby!



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