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It is sad that this debate is even happening…

… in 2013.

The Boy Scouts of America has decided to delay a decision on lifting its archaic ban on gay members and volunteers in order to more comprehensively review their policies.


Some, including former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, have argued the change could destroy scouting. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention said the change could be a “catastrophe.”

“What they’ve said to us and to other religious leaders is that they are doing this under pressure, and we’re going to give people what basically amounts to a local option,” Land said. “You can’t have a local option of a core conviction.”

Changing the policy against having openly gay leaders or Scouts “would be a grave mistake,” the conservative Family Research Council and dozens of other groups said in a half-page ad in USA Today this week.

The message called on the Boy Scouts to “show courage” and “stand firm for timeless values.”

They are actually caving, even if only a little, to the frothy-mouthed ravings of the lunatic religious right who believe that gays are hell-bound sinners who should not ever be in close contact with those dear young boys.

Catholic Church priests? Sure, That’s A-OK! What we they ever do to young boys?

Anyhow, I do hope that the Scouts have the guts to follow through on this and put aside as mere noise, the backward voices telling them not to do so.




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