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Tell Steve how SUPER they’re doing!

Have you ever wanted to shower Stevo with accolades? Praise the Cons for their accomplishments? Show your love for Jason, John and Vic?

Well, now you can!

Fill out this completely neutral and so-darned-well-worded questionnaire and let the CPC know what you think! I’m sure they’ll appreciate your input and take your answers and comments into account when they draft the next omnibus bill.


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  1. sassy says:

    That questionnaire = just another con fairy tale

    1. trashee says:

      It was fun to complete, tho’…

  2. Pulitzer Salamanders says:

    Us salamanders would die.. to know who crafted that wondrous poll !
    It teeters deliciously at the very edge of the empty swimming pool
    of Stephen Harper’s PMO deep divers & mad ethical electoral swim team.
    Since there is no water ini the pool.. we must judge them
    by how they thrash in mid air .. as the landing has to really really hurt.

    And what illustrious senior think tank conservative wanker or robo/data guru
    had the huge cajones to present the poll to Jenni Byrne or Ray Novak or Nigel Wright
    for approval ? And who carried it from the great man’s office after he approved it?

    This is our government at work on our behalf today… our shining leader and chosen few !
    Polls like this, Robo flailing and denials in Saskatchewan
    Non resident Senators like Mike Duffy scuttling off for a PEI health card
    Del Mastro and Pensashue in hiding somewhere on Baffin Island
    Tony Clement still shuffling federal bank accounts and money
    John Baird blustering against muslims, The United Nations
    the list is endless.. astounding .. un-defendable or explainable

    One small step ahead of the incompetent but excellent liars and cover ups
    is the alpha pig himself.. tweeting about breakfast with his cat
    and Ray Novak and a photographer and his hair stylist and his security detail, all male
    and riding to work in one of his shiny black armored cars

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