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January, 2013:

While I really don’t understand…

… why the Lance Armstrong thing has touched a sensitive chord for so many people, his coming-clean has inspired me to follow his lead and publicly admit to the following:

– As far back as the mid 1970’s, I engaged in blood doping activities. While the performance enhancing effects of the substances in question acts were, um, questionable, the fact remains that I may have ingested substances that may have aided my performance in Grade 11 American History and Grade 13 English Lit. I apologise to Mr. van der Valk and Mrs. Cardwell.

– As a child of 12 or so, I had a .22 that I used now and again to shoot at tin cans, trees, and the like. One day, I intentionally took aim at a chickadee, fully expecting to miss as I was a very poor shot. I did not. The bird was murdered. By me. I humbly beg the forgiveness of the bird’s family and PETA.

– When I was a kid, my parents made my brother and I trek to the end of our 500 metre long driveway in the evening to pick up the newspaper. I often bullied my little brother into doing this and then told my parents that I, in fact, fetched the paper. I apologise to my parents and my brother for this.

– I once drank a tequila shot in the wrong order – lime, salt, tequila. For this, I am utterly ashamed. I beg the forgiveness of Agave farmers everywhere.

– In 1982, during my Psych 201 mid-term, I deliberately and intentionally looked over the shoulder of the student next to me to see what she filled in as an answer to

Hans Selye coined this term to describe a common biological response pattern to prolonged or excessive stress.

I apologise to Trent University for doing this. And I apologise to the student from whom I disgracefully stole the answer.

I hope these heartfelt apologies bring some closure to those who I have wronged.

Now that all that is out of the way, I am supposed to inform someone named “Oprah”. Anyone have her email?


Seriously. Free popcorn. Oh wait, $1 popcorn.

Gotta love the Schmens… But they’re all the same.

“My message to the fans to come out and support the team, you’re going to want to be part of this because this is going to be a great, great team for the coming years if not immediately and you don’t want to be left out in the cold,” Melnyk said at a news conference before the Senators opened training camp Sunday.

“As a die-hard fan, you are part of this organization. I just want you guys back.”

Winning some fans back could prove difficult. Some showed anger or indifference the 113-day lockout, which officially ended Saturday when the players ratified the new CBA.

Some teams around the league are offering incentives to try and bring paying customers back into the arenas, and the Senators are no different.

Among the offerings to the fans is free parking on opening night, free admission to kids 14 years of age and younger in four of the first 10 home games, $1 popcorn and pop in seven of the first 10 games and half price merchandise up until the end of opening night at home.

Whoa. $1 popcorn. Hold me back.

On a related note, I am once again amazed at the attention that Sen fans give to the Leafs in place of commenting on what their own team is up to. It’s the same every year. And just as pitiful.

Give it a rest, Sen Army, or Nation, or whatever. The rest of the NHL gets your Leaf-envy. Let. It. Go.

If I actually gave a crap about the NHL anymore, I’d really try to like the home team. But the fans? I just can’t take them. If there was a poll taken across the country on which NHL team had the most annoying fans… Ottawa would be number one!


A plea to the OCDSB…

… even if the teacher’s action tomorrow is declared illegal, do NOT reverse yesterday’s decision to close all elementary schools. And here is why:

Ya know, folks, in my life I have seldom seen such a sequence of utterly stupid decisions-making.  Both the Ontario government and the teachers unions have shown such awful judgement on each step of this trek into Stupidville! It truly boggles the mind.


OCDSB elementary school closure

The Director of Education has just announced that all OCDSB elementary schools will be closed on Friday.

All Ottawa peeps in the English public system should plan accordingly.


OCDSB Trustee to seek the…

… Ottawa-Centre Dipper nomination.

Trustee Jennifer McKenzie has announced her intention to seek the nomination for the Ottawa-Centre NDP candidacy. Trustee McKenzie will continue in her role as trustee and in her capacity as Chair of the Board.

I commend her for stepping up, takes guts. Although I have to question the timing given that there is a major Accommodation Review happening in her Zone right now. The folks who elected her really need that involved presence during this review. I work with some of her constituents who have children in one of the schools in the review, and they are very concerned that they will be losing an important voice at the Board table.

Will she be able to adequately represent her constituents’ interests while in what will be a tough nomination fight?

I guess we’ll see.




Canada’s number one buffoon…

… is angling for a Senate seat, it appears.

Although I don’t think he has the intelligence to engage in such strategic thinking.

Regardless of whether his views are on or off-base, he-of-no-taste should stick to hockey and should shut up about the country’s foreign aid policies. He knows next to nothing about this issue.

Hey! Doofus! Do what I do when I don’t know squat about something – keep your trap firmly shut!

The CBC keeping this idiot on the payroll is a national embarrassment.


So the billionaires and millionaires…

…at the NHL and NHLPA have figured out how to the split the billions and millions.

And it took these bozos months to come to an agreement. Months of no work for thousands of people who don’t make billions or millions and who relied on their minimum or slightly more than minimum wage to support their families.

Months of disappointing fans of the game… especially hurt in this way were the kids.

One labour disruption – I could forgive.

But hey you greedy SOBs, for me its two strikes and you’re out. I sure as hell won’t be watching any games this season and that might just carry on into the 13/14 campaign.

You’ve lost me. NHL hockey now ranks down around mixed martial arts for me in my ranked list of preferred sports… and that’s pretty low.

Adios, suckahs!




Bloggers not welcome?

If this is accurate and the Ontario Libs are going to make it prohibitively difficult for bloggers to attend their leadership convention, then they are dumber than I thought.

Really? C’mon. You’d be alienating a significant segment of your supporters. Do you REALLY want to drive some of your membership into the arms of the ONDP or the GPO?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Mr. Tribe.


So Bill 115 has…

…imposed “collective agreements” on Ontario teachers. And this has likely poisoned the relationship between the Ontario government and its teaching professionals for years to come.

One cannot help but wonder if this measure would have been needed if the province were to abandon its duplicate,
discriminatory and wasteful system of two school infrastructures.

I guess we’ll never know until a government has the balls to look at this issue from a non partisan and objective point big view