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Hit gun manufacturers’ cash flow…

… hmm… Not a bad idea. The Mayor of Chicago has sent a letter to the TD Bank, and other financial institutions to withdraw Smith and Wesson’s revolving line of credit. This request is intended to pressure Smith and Wesson and other gun makers to quit fighting against stricter automatic weapon controls.

I wonder how the banks will eventually respond to this.

Unfortunately, the revenues accrued through increased sales might render this moot. But given the opposition that the pro-sanity lobby (anti gun lobby) is facing down south, any help would be valuable.


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  1. Allan says:

    The Mayor may have nothing but good intentions in his attempt at disrupting S&W cash supply. However I believe he has left himself open to litigation. S&W is a legitimate business and to attack a business in an attempt to put it out of business will be viewed by the shareholders in a very dim light.

    1. trashee says:

      But a business can do business with whomever it pleases as long as the shareholders agree, it is legal and it is a clear company policy.
      This opens a big can of worms, though. I’ll be putting together a follow up to this post.

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