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January 4th, 2013:

Bloggers not welcome?

If this is accurate and the Ontario Libs are going to make it prohibitively difficult for bloggers to attend their leadership convention, then they are dumber than I thought.

Really? C’mon. You’d be alienating a significant segment of your supporters. Do you REALLY want to drive some of your membership into the arms of the ONDP or the GPO?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Mr. Tribe.


So Bill 115 has…

…imposed “collective agreements” on Ontario teachers. And this has likely poisoned the relationship between the Ontario government and its teaching professionals for years to come.

One cannot help but wonder if this measure would have been needed if the province were to abandon its duplicate,
discriminatory and wasteful system of two school infrastructures.

I guess we’ll never know until a government has the balls to look at this issue from a non partisan and objective point big view