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December, 2012:

Can someone please tell me why…

… the Harperites keep flogging their Economic (In) Action Plan? I still see ads for this propaganda  although the recession ended long ago.

Is this the best use of our tax dollars? Why not cease and desist this campaign and instead funnel that money into a place that needs it? I’m sure the now-gutted Veterans Affairs Dept., Environment Canada or any other valuable and under-funded program could use the cash!

action plan


A big reason why I’m an atheist…

is that I’m smarter than that.

Only fools believe.

Sorry if you are offended. But guys like these are your spokepeeps.

20 Children died because a fictional bogeyman has been called into question! GOD has been removed from schools so some fuckhead shot 20 little kids??

Proud to be an atheist who will never do evil in the name of a fictional being.

I almost hope the Mayans were right and this all ends next week.

This world sucks. And I love my children.


Spare a thought for the innocents

As a father, I cannot come close to imagining what those parents are going through right now.

No, I’m not going to rant about gun control. That can wait.

I just want to express my profound and utter despair about how fucked-up this world can be.

And spare some thoughts and some tears for the innocents and their families.


KPMG reports on fighter jet cost over runs…

…are due out as early as today. And they might be embarrassing for the CPC government as the real costs may come in as much as three times higher than the Harperites have claimed and vigourously defended.

All to which I say “BAH”!

EVERYONE knows that KPMG is part of the left-wing conspiracy that, along with the media, Liberals, NDP and organised labour are trying to discredit our dear PM wherever possible!

You betcha! These “accountants” hide behind their spreadsheets and briefcases, all the while working with their fellow socialists to unseat the CPC and bring on economic chaos!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that KPMG stands for Kommunist Party Management Group, did you?

No, I didn’t think so.


To all those decrying…

… the ONE day walkout by elementary teachers today.

Suck it up.

This is democracy in action, regardless of whether or not you believe that teachers (or anyone else for that matter) should have the right to strike. Under the current law, they DO have that right. This. Is. A. Fact. Look it up.

Go ahead, my conservative friends, knock that one down!

And it is only ONE day! I remember that back in 1982ish my brother having to move way from home to complete his Grade 13 because the West Parry Sound School Board teachers struck for MONTHS!

As I am typing this (oh, btw, I’m home with the kids today – and don’t begrudge the teachers one bit), I am listening to a Barrhaven mother being interviewed on CBC who is expressing her worry about her children having to be exposed to picket lines!

I’m serious! She is worried about her kids being exposed to democracy!

Of course, she is from Barrhaven… 🙂


So, uh, the President of TB…

… doesn’t have anything better to do than to declare war on Santa-haters?

Really, Uncle Tony? Really?

The Government of Canada has no guidelines that restrict federal employees from putting up Christmas or other holiday decorations in their workspace.

“There are those who would like to snuff out the holiday spirit in the name of political correctness or expediency,” said Minister Clement. “Our Government will not allow the Christmas spirit to be grinched.”

We Canucks are a pretty tolerant sort and even for those of us who don’t really care for Christmas and the like, the vast, vast majority are not going to rail on someone who wants to put up some tinsel, or hang a ball on their nameplate.

Is it really necessary for the GoC to issue a declaration in support of the holiday? Seriously? Surely this was done tongue-in-cheek.


Ah. Foreign monarchies are so…

… foreign…


Stay classy, my home and native land…

…stay classy.

Canada was one of only 6 nations to vote yesterday against a UN resolution calling for Israel to open up its nuclear facilities for inspection.

The others were the US, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.

What lovely company.

Nice to see that we have an independent foreign policy and don’t feel the need to cow-tow to the States… d’oh!

Also nice to see that we feel non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is a good thing – double d’oh!!!!

This government never ceases to amaze me.


In breaking news…

… someone I couldn’t care less about is having a baby…

In other breaking news, the world is ending in a few weeks.

You choose which of these is more irrelevant.


The NHL?

Call the code.