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Resolutions for 2013…

… Before I have a second glass of Pinot Noir…

– not be as critical of our Dear Leader and encourage all my friends to cut he and his Cabinet some slack. They’re trying really darned hard

– not ridicule Tea Baggers and their ilk who are found south of the border. They think differently from me, but that’s OK.

– accept that religious arm-flappers may have a point. Hey! What do I know! Maybe there is a big bearded dude in the sky and and old guy gathered up all the animals in a storm (except for the unicorns)

– understand that guns have a place the 21st century America. And perhaps we in Canada should have one of those Second Amendment things

– add Tim Hudak as a friend on Facebook

– and Rob Ford too

– swear off red wine, beer and single malt scotch forever

– give up meat



It’s JANUARY 1 and not APRIL 1!


Happy New Year!


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