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December 29th, 2012:

Rob Ford- election hater

So that dahhhling of the knuckle-draggers, the inimitable Rob Ford, thinks he should not have to face the voters in a by election should he be forced to hand in his Chain of Office.

Of course he wants to be reappointed! He knows that the good citizens of The Big Smoke would never elect this buffoon a second time.

Here’s a thought: in the event that the NHL greed-a-thon goes on and the season is cancelled (which I am hoping for at this point), that other ├╝ber-buffoon in the tacky suits will be out of a job, right? So then he and the former Mayor can do the speaking circuit! And give it a catchy name like The Whining About Progressives Tour, 2013. What a pair they’d make!