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Customer service…

… is something that one would think would be important to retailers at this time of the year.

Not so much if you happen to frequent the Loblaws at Elmvale Acres. This place is the perfect example of how NOT to do customer service!

Here is the lineup last night, 5 days before Christmas:


Two of eight cashes open. And this is often the situation. Poor management. Very poor.

So why go there? Why not spend my money elsewhere? Well, also at Elmvale acres are the LCBO, The Beer Store, my dry-cleaner, a drugstore and a Home Hardware. So it is very convenient.

But even with the convenience factor, I have often picked up whatever else I need at Elmvale, avoid Loblaws and make a second stop at Metro on Walkley, where there are always many cashes open, well-stocked shelves happy staff.

I think I’ll make a habit of this more often in the new year…



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