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Can someone please tell me why…

… the Harperites keep flogging their Economic (In) Action Plan? I still see ads for this propaganda  although the recession ended long ago.

Is this the best use of our tax dollars? Why not cease and desist this campaign and instead funnel that money into a place that needs it? I’m sure the now-gutted Veterans Affairs Dept., Environment Canada or any other valuable and under-funded program could use the cash!

action plan


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  1. Donaldj says:

    Why does Canada want to get into the world’s great insane “nuclear world war 3”..?
    We could do much better as a peace-sharing peaceful nation, helping surviving humans survive, after the crazies great insane war…

    If the couple years of after-war fallout kills all the world’s insects and foodcrops, billions of people will need to be fed somehow.. Maybe instead of getting into the great war, Canada could dedicate its efforts to feeding humanity when it really needs it, so billions of innocents won’t have to just lay down and starve to death…

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