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The stupid!!!!

It hurts!!!!

Check it out, there’s a “Rob Ford has been overthrown by Toronto elitists” site!

Democracy Denied!

We the people of Toronto and friends in the rest of Canada who support Rob Ford for Mayor of Toronto.

Our voice was shutdown by an activists who brought Rob Ford to court on a technicality for using the wrong letterhead to raise money for underprivileged kids sports.

Those elitist Ford haters wanted to get Ford anyway they could.

Now it’s time to fight back. Let’s bring Rob Ford back into the mayor’s office with an even BIGGER vote margin.

Who writes their stuff? “A BIGGER vote margin”? WTF does that mean? Oh, I get it. They mean “BIGGER margin of victory”! But I guess I’m just being elitist...

And hey, good luck with that!


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  1. Reality says:

    Duh, sorry but the original post was written with an obvious lack of understanding of the basic facts.

    Rob Ford was not removed from office due to the use of City letterhead to solicit funds for charity. That was minor slap on the wrist offense. Problem was he ignored the slap on the wrist and then violated the municipal conflict of interest law by participating in discussions on the issue in Council, and finally the worst part, he voted on the issue as well instead of simply recusing himself as the law required. No one is above the law. NO ONE. The majority of Torontonians believe this to be true and supported the removal of Ford from office.

    Those are the facts. Nice try to spin you bs team ford.

    Let the election games begin because there will be hundreds of new volunteers out helping Ford’s opponents.

    1. trashee says:

      I assume you mean the original I luv Rob Ford post/site, right?
      I have spent a few hours explaining to peeps that the “raising money for kids” thing is a red herring.
      He broke the law.
      And he should have known better, being the leader of Canada’s sixth largest government and all!
      First thing you’re told after you’re elected to public office is to READ THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST LEGISLATION!!!

      1. Reality says:

        Yes, I was referring to the original I luv Rob Ford post/site.

        I am sorry I wasn’t clearer.

        Count of Ford’s proponents telling that lie extensively during the next election, and gullible Torontonians gobbling it up.

        1. trashee says:

          Lol! No worries!

          Unfortunately, my friend, you are correct to say that the Ford-dethals will believe any crap that spews forth from his supporters. It has already begun.

          I’m in Ottawa but will be tempted to spend a few days in T.O. during the next campaign to help defeat him.

  2. Allan says:

    Hey John. Cold enough yet!
    Truth be told, if Ford gets his stay (and by all logic he should) the granting of an appeal is crucial. Should that happen and given how speedy our court system works Mr. Ford will likely serve out his ‘current term until 2014’ as the Mayor of Toronto. Once that has happened the appeal and the original decision become moot.

    1. trashee says:

      Bloody cold!

      The other, less likely scenario is that a stay isn’t granted but he is eligible to run in a by-election should Council choose to say no to the appointment option.

      Man, what a divisive by-election THAT would be! The voter turnout might even surpass 50%!!!

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