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Petty partisan politics…

…trumps good legislation most of the time in Harper’s government.

And that is really too bad, especially in this case because this was a good Private Members Bill that should have passed.

OTTAWA – The New Democrats’ efforts to help Canada send desperately needed medication overseas to people suffering with HIV/AIDS was defeated in the House of Commons Wednesday – an action some are calling a “travesty” and a “betrayal.”

“It is a travesty that the Harper government, having made much of its initiative on maternal and child health, would now turn its back on an opportunity to help people dying of treatable diseases,” Richard Elliott, executive director of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal network said in a release. 

“This is shamefully callous and a discriminatory double-standard for which those who can least afford it pay the ultimate price.”

Only seven Conservative MPs supported the private member’s bill, which went down in a close vote of 141 for and 148 against.

The CPC cannot put aside partisanship? Even for a moment?

Sheesh. Typical.



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  1. John Shipley says:

    And the CPC’s don’t even have the balls to say why they defeated the motion. WOW! Accountability is a four letter word with this Gov’t!

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