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I almost fell of my bus seat when I saw this headline:

Tories still see ally in Rob Ford

Really? Seriously? Toronto area Conservatives are coming to this train wreck’s defense? Would Ford have the utter gall to run for the CPC in the next election?

Of course he would.

OTTAWA – Those whose antics threaten to besmirch the party name normally don’t get a second chance with Canada’s federal Conservatives.

Not so, it would seem, for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

“I did support him and I do support him,” said Conservative MP John Carmichael, who represents the Toronto riding of Don Valley West, after the controversial municipal leader was ordered removed from office this week for violating conflict-of-interest rules.

“I feel very badly about what’s happening.”

Many Toronto-area Conservatives are rallying around the embattled mayor, having actively backed Ford’s 2010 campaign — some putting a great deal of their own personal political capital into play in order to elect someone they saw as a valuable ally.

Ford’s campaign pledge to end the city hall “gravy train” resonated with kindred spirits on the political spectrum, his no-nonsense, blue-collar style the perfect antidote to the Toronto elites long viewed as the natural enemy of Canada’s right wing.

And how many mayors have been invited to go fishing at Stephen Harper’s summer home?

Personally, I think this is a good thing. Sure, why not?

And when it blows up in the collective face of the ReformCons, I will be falling off my seat again – laughing.


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  1. mpdman says:

    I only found your site searching for Ottawa Citizen articles. I skimmed over a few postings where you smugly tell us you’ve cancelled your subscription…..while you proceed to comment on every article in the friggin paper. You sir, or ma’am, are an idiot.

    1. trashee says:

      And you, sir or ma’am, clearly don’t “get” that this is my space where I can say what I wish. I can be seemingly self contradictory. I can pick and choose what I choose. I can cherry pick. I can do what I wish.
      And I can even approve rude and unsupported, uninvited comments like yours because I know that 99% of the folks who read by scribbles know that I don’t take myself as seriously as you take yourself.
      Take a chill pill, dude or dudette!

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