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Back when Conservatives…

… were “Progressive” (and even palatable), there was this guy.

Former PM Joe Clark was interviewed for this insightful piece in the Citizen, which you should all read.

He is dead-on here:

Canada risks devolving into a country of “gated communities” with “indifferent” citizens who lose the ties that bind them as a nation, warns former prime minister Joe Clark.

“There’s the old T.S. Eliot line about ending with a whimper, not a bang,” Clark said in an exclusive interview with Postmedia News.

“The real threat to this country isn’t that we will explode, that there will be some civil war somewhere. It is that we will just naturally fall back into our principalities.”

Clark’s comments came as he participated in a special Postmedia News project in which all of Canada’s six living former prime ministers were interviewed on current issues.



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