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Mystery power outage in Ottawa…

… the fault of the Liberals, claims the CPC.

Several areas of downtown Ottawa were left without electricity for a brief time yesterday.
Conservative Party spokesman, Pierre Polievre, released the following statement to the media this morning:

Clearly, this attack on the power grid was due to irresponsible and corrupt Liberal MPs mismanaging the small appliances in their Parliamentary kitchen. Our research has clearly indicated that 2 MPs, including Alberta-hating Justin Trudeau, plugged in a kettle, ran a microwave AND turned on the hot plate of the coffee maker AT THE SAME TIME!

This is the type of kitchen mismanagement that your strong Conservative majority government has been warning Canadians about since 2006.

Furthermore, we have obtained a 1997 interview with Mr. Trudeau in which he actually PRAISES kitchen appliance mismanagement!

Canada’s strong and stable Conservative majority government’s Parliamentary kitchens have clear rules posted in both languages that explain approved kitchen appliance procedures. And our MPs abide by them 100% of the time.

Make no mistake that if Canadians ever elect another Liberal government, they will be risking widespread power outages from coast to coast.

When reached for a reaction to Polievre’s remarks, Mr. Trudeau had the following to say:



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