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Dirty hotel rooms…

… are everywhere!!!

CBC’s Marketplace released some findings of a health study done on a variety of low and high-end hotel rooms across Canada.

Warriner (the researcher) tested common “hot spots” in hotel rooms using an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) measuring device that determines microbial contamination on surfaces.

A scan of any surface gauges the level of contamination with a simple numerical value, employing a scale used in similar tests in schools and offices. An ATP level under 300 is considered a “pass,” while anything between 300 and 999 is in considered to be in the “caution zone.” An ATP level over 1,000 is deemed a fail.

Marketplace’s test found that bed comforters, bathroom faucets and TV remotes were the top three dirtiest spots in hotel rooms.

The article goes on to note how some of the better hotels; the Fairmonts and the Sheratons, for example, scored worse in some categories than lower end places.

Is anyone really surprised by these findings?

The housekeepers have a quota of number of rooms cleaned per day. They have to meet this quota as a condition of their continued employment. So they may not have enough time to throughly clean every room assigned to them; especially if a couple of rooms are especially dirty and need extra attention. The hotel managers are trying to squeeze every last cent from them to lower their own costs, so the chances of the housekeepers being assigned fewer rooms are pretty slim.

In any case, I for one will be a bit extra vigilant the next time I stay in a hotel room… and I won’t be pulling the comforter all the way up to my neck!


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  1. Chris says:

    They say you should leave your luggage in the hall…go in and inspect the hotel room for bedbugs before you bring any of your stuff in — especially check between the mattress and headboard. Take the bedspread or any of those other things that are obviously not washed between guests right off the bed. Wash any glasses, coffee pots, etc. you use because they usually just wiped them with a cloth. I always bring extra pillow cases, too just for an added layer between me and the pillow. And, unless you’re staying for more than two or three nights, keep the do not disturb sign on the door so that a) the staff doesn’t have to tidy your room and b) so that all your careful work isn’t contaminated again.

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