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I know I’m not big on the current trend to glorify the military…

... but this is downright insulting! A final slap in the face!

A vet has to be under the income threshold of 12K per annum to qualify for financial assistance to offset costs of their final interment?



Meanwhile, Harper’s government spends $28 million to glorify the War of 1812! None of whose vets are alive today! Hell, they weren’t alive 100 years ago!

I guess dead soldiers don’t make for good photo-ops, eh Steve?



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  1. Dave says:

    Why on earth would we want to help bury a soldier who can’t pay his own way. They only look good if they stand up straight and march nice. From the mid sixties when Canada was thought of as one of the best, safest, fairest, most professional “peacekeeping” forces in the entire world we have these boy soldiers, none of whom have actually ever served doing everything they can to look tough except actually take care of the people who really are tough. I dislike the way they are using our troops now but the men and women are still some of the best in the world yet Harper has no use for them at all once the fireworks dies down. It is shameful and he and his pet dog Pete from Nova Scotia are shameful and can anyone tell me what ever happened to Fantino? IF you ask people to risk their live for you you owe them support after they finish the job,

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