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October 23rd, 2012:

So now we give awards to batshit crazy…

.nutbars who terrorise women in abortion clinics?


Look, as an anti-monarchist, I hold little value in those petty jubilee awards, but they are important to some and so should be granted to those who exemplify something, have performed a great service, etc., etc.

Not to freakin’ FRUITCAKES WHO TERRORISE women who are already in states of emotional chaos!

Isn’t the GG’s office supposed to vet these things?


To all of those Con and Dipper detractors…

… who screeched that the Premier of Ontario was but a power-crazed coward for resigning his post, I say:


Turns out he only wants to spend more time with his family.

And whether you’re a pol, fireman, clerk, lawyer, doctor, teacher or public servant, more time with one’s family is something we all want, right?

Thank you for your service, Mr. McGuinty.