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October 20th, 2012:

Saturday miscellany…

Ah. Another session of Parliament and another tome of an omnibus bill.

Despite whines and screeches to the contrary, there is lots of new stuff in this 450 page monstrosity!

The Navigable Waters Act, Indian Act, Customs Act, Hazardous Materials, the Fisheries Act, Canada Shipping Act… The list goes on and on and most have NOTHING to do with the implementation of the Budget!

Yes, in an unexpected show of conciliation, the pension reforms were removed by Harper to be debated separately. But that is a small consolation who view the democratic process as a pretty awesome thing that should be adhered to in this country.

You see, it us not whether or not the changes to legislation etc. in the Bill are right or wrong, it is the subversion of the process that is off base. These changes should be debated fully and seperately. Changing the laws of the land should not be treated with such contempt and impunity.

But this won’t change anytime soon, I’m afraid.

Website of the month
Look, the Mitter deserves the ridicule. When campaigning for the Prez of the USA, one must always be mindful of every single utterance!

Timmy’s wife being on the payroll of the gas companies at the centre of the latest Queens Park controversy is a bit of a “gotcha”, but nonetheless, this is a bit of a fail by OPC staffers. These things have to be caught up front.

Yeah, I ranted at length yesterday about the high level of suckiness shown by the Canadian men footy players, and someone had to pay the price of the failure.

But it is still unfortunate that a solid coach like Hart had to fall upon his sword. Like in all sport, he wasn’t the one on the pitch/ice/diamond, etc.

I’m writing this sitting in a cold rink watching my daughter at skating lessons. She loves it!

Now only if she would spend a little less time chatting with her friend and more time listening to the instructor.

Girls. Sheesh!