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October 19th, 2012:

Soccer in Canada if you have a penis?

I’ve been holding back posting this for a few days until my utter anger dissipated. Well, that ain’t really happening…

If you are serious about soccer as a career. if you are talented and want to pursue the Beautiful Game as a vocation, then I hope, for your own sake that you are not a Canadian male.

Because Canada when it comes to soccer? Well, we suck.

Let me be perfectly clear that I’m not talking about the estrogen dominant species… Just those of us where testosterone gains the day.

Our women? They win the bronze medal at the Olympics. They should have had a chance at the gold if not for a ref who was either on the take or stupidly drunk.

Our men? They go into a game against that soccer powerhouse, Honduras, needing only a tie to advance to the next stage. Honduras is not Germany. Nor England, Portugal, nor fricking Serbia!

So what do our men do? Well, they lose by 7 goals! I saw better defending by some of the U12 teams I coached!

We should just call it a day and forget about going after any more World Cups. It isn’t worth the humiliation.