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October 5th, 2012:

Friday miscellany…

The War of 1812, WHO THE HELL CARES, edition!

Will someone PLEASE tell the war-lovin’ CPC that a $30 million investment to “celebrate a war that happened 200 years ago and didn’t even involved anyone named a “Canadian” is NOT a good use of public money???



The Harperites have decided to cut all non-Christian prison chaplains.

Why did they stop there? Qualified psychologists and other true professionals would do a far better job inside the walls than some smarmy priest!


So Obama didn’t seem to be on top of his game the other night and Romney had an exceptional debate. Big deal. What percentage of American viewers can we say actually swung their vote to Romney’s side because of the debate?

0.02% perhaps?

Yeah. Big deal. Though some disagree.

No matter. Even if Obama lose more than sliver of support, he’ll regain it over the coming weeks and STILL win about 40 states.


Yup. This is me.


Justin Trudeau watch… nope, it sure as hell cannot hurt to have a pic taken with an amazing woman like Hazel!