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October 3rd, 2012:

Falafels. Are they really a gateway food?

Here is an incredible post making its way around Facebook today.

Today, falafels, tomorrow, jihadists!


To teachers in the OCDSB, and others…

Thanks to all the teachers at my kids’ school and other schools across the province who have stuck with unpaid, voluntary extracurricular activities in spite of the removal of their collective bargaining rights. Most of us do deeply appreciate it.

You guys rock. And not a word of complaint from any of you. Professionals to the heart.

Now for the rant:

This should also be a wake-up call to those parents who are content to stay uninvolved in their children’s’ education. Teachers do not have to stay after school and work over their lunches to coach the soccer team, run the choir or organise a fund-raiser. Parents have to accept that this should be their responsibility.

So if you aren’t actively involved with your child’s school in some way, then in my opinion you have no right whatsoever in criticising the teachers for temporarily backing away from their unpaid labour. That is their right.

Awww, you’re busy, you say? Well, aren’t we all! I’m the Secretary of the Parent Council, on the Board of my local Community Association and the Board of a fine not-for-profit childcare centre.

And that is just for starters.There are many, many others like me and many, many others who do more.

And I have a demanding job, three kids, hobbies, etc.

But I make the time. It is important.

And that is why teachers make the time. They do this because they are committed to your child’s well-being. It is important to them as well.

Aren’t you?

Step up to the plate and get involved.

That is all. Rant over.


But is there substance?

Cuz Justin The T sure as hell has the sizzle.

His speech yesterday was what many of we progressives were waiting for. It was honest, open and positive. I really cannot picture The Robot or Mr. Angry saying those words because absent were the vindictive hateful diatribe.  Can you even picture either of those guys giving a speech of that length (or any length) without dissing the other parties and their leaders???

No way.

Good speech. Safe speech. I liked the positivity.

The best thing about JT entering the fray is that people will start to talk about the Liberals again – and in a good way. It’s already happening.

Now, do I support him? I would like to but am reserving judgement. Dude has the sizzle but does he have the substance? I can’t wait to see his first hour-long interview with a top-notch journo who will ask him about fiscal policy, monetary policy, international relations, etc. I will, of course, vote for him. But my level of engagement (e.g., whether I donate, volunteer, etc.) will depend largely on how he defines himself in terms of substance.