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October, 2012:

No one does scary better than this guy!



It’s Jason!!!!


Hurricane Sandy relief?

Is the Canadian or any provincial government helping out at all?

I know we have sent crews to the States to provide assistance before, and I know it’s still early, but surely we should be planning something, right?



Hey! Students who wailed away…

…on my bus this morning and on Twitter about schools needing to be closed today!

Listen up.

Legit reasons to close schools:

  • Power outage
  • Water outage
  • Major snowstorm / freezing rain event that puts staff and / or students at risk of physical harm
  • Earthquakes – big ones
  • Invasion by aliens
  • Invasion by the U.S. or other former superpower
  • Locusts – big ones

Not a legit reason:

  • Major storm 500 km away that may cause things to get a bit breezy in Ottawa


Back in MY day, we walked to school in raging snowstorms with -55F temps! That’s FAHRENHEIT, KIDS! AND WE WORE NEWSPAPER ON OUR FEET CUZ WE COULDN’T AFFORD BOOTS!

Sheesh. Kids these day…




I hate when snowflakes make their inevitable reappearance on the Environment Canada website.




… such an innocent sounding name… doesn’t sound at all like a hurricane.

I think of “Sandy” and this is her:

NOT this:

Who thinks up these names, anyhow?

Might be an interesting Tuesday, by the look of it… and dressed up witches might do some real flying on Halloween!


Hey! Ottawa peeps!

The Pleasant Park PS / Hawthorne PS Giant Booksale is tomorrow (Saturday)!

9am – 1pm!


THOUSANDS of books for all ages and all (well, most) tastes!

The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, so why not spend some time browsing?

Here’s how to get there.

Here’s how to get there


Is this for real?


At the very least, these folks deserve to have their final arrangements paid for by the state.

I guess the Harperites don’t agree.



Del Mastro thinks some folks on the interweb thingy….

… are, ahem, lacking in civility.

Yup, can’t argue with that.

But. Seriously. Mr. Del Mastro.

This is coming from a government MP whose party has been the LEAST civil in the history of Canada. Perhaps the whole frickin’ WORLD!

You guys wrote the book on cynicism and a lack of respect and civility inside and outside the House!

Yet you say that some electronic commentary is “uncivil”???


Hi Pot. This is kettle. You’re black!

And, um, how are planning on enforcing your crusade in seek of civil behaviour?

Thanks for the chuckle, Dean!




Yes, there are wackos on the left as well as the right, but…

… those on the right sure as hell seem to be coming out of the woodwork more often these days.

We in Canada have the pride of Saskatchewan, Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott who thinks that rewarding and praising women who are clearly part of the lunatic fringe and even more clearly, convicted criminal.

And meanwhile, in Illinois, batshit-crazy GOP Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock believes it is “God’s will” if a pregnancy results as a result of a rape!

Wow. That’s all I can say.



Awesome motion passed by the OCDSB last night!

… especially point “C”.

It won’t make a hill of beans of a difference, but the Board said what needed saying.

Thanks to @nancy_akehurst for the pic.