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I tell my kids that “hate” is not a nice word…

… but I am finding it increasingly difficult to avoid that word when thinking Harper’s ReformCons.

Hey, I knew and we all knew that Stevie positively DESPISES the Public Service, but not even the most bitter among us could have imagined the levels to which he would stoop. But you have to remember that he has this misguided idea in his head that the PS is rife with Liberals and Socialists – and this is his revenge.

He is THAT petty. And it is certainly not the behaviour that we should see in a leader. Not even the leader of a Scout troop, never mind a country!

The pettiness is also a function of his largely so-con caucus, most of whom are either from the redneck West or the bumpkin demographic of rural Canada. And they want red meat to feed to their sheep-like supporters.

The big question I have is: what do they think they can cut? The PS has been gutted over the past six years and there really isn’t anywhere else to slash and burn. I know this to be true.

In the meantime, they carry on with their almost comical celebrations of a 200 year war between two foreign nations.

And look! Gazebo Tony is in charge!




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  1. sassy says:

    If your children ask, feel free to them them that Sassy loathes Harper.

    1. sassy says:

      whoops – emotions got in the way 🙂 that should read.

      If your children ask, feel free to tell them that Sassy loathes Harper.

      1. trashee says:

        Yeah. “Loathes” is better. It has the added advantage of expanding their vocabularies!

  2. I ask because it has been my impression that the civil service, after having been cut from 90-92, started to balloon under Chretien, and popped like a popcorn by Martin’s time, and even a bit under the early Harper.

    The cuts now, I think, still leave the civil service bigger than it was in the 90’s and 2000’s.

    But I don’t know so I figure “let’s find out”

  3. Maybe you can answer a question for me. How many civil servants were there in:

    1993 (Chretien)
    1997 (Chretien)
    2001 (Chretien)
    2005 (Martin)
    2009 (Harper)
    today (Harper)

    Those numbers might be interesting and prompt further discussion.

    1. trashee says:

      I’ll look it up next week. We have those data.
      I’ll exclude the military.

  4. Or it could just be that he believes, like so many people do, that the Public Service is bloated and inefficient, that it doesn’t provide the services needed, where they’re needed in a cost effective manner, and frankly needs a good housecleaning.

    There is a danger to reading into actions that can easily be explained at face value.

    I can’t believe that even you have never said or thought “yeah, those guys could be let go”. I sure did when I was a public servant. Eventually I thought I should be let go, so I left. It genuinely bothered me to be in an ineffective government organization, being paid from taxpayers’ dollars and not producing much of value.

    1. trashee says:

      Squid. After six years of deep cuts, my “yeah, those guys could be let go” thoughts have passed. Read my lips. There. Is. More. Fat.
      Seriously. It’s not like what you experienced 10 years ago – or how many years it has been since you were in the PS.
      Seriously. This is just being vindictive.

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