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September 10th, 2012:

The Avro Arrow?

Could it be resurrected?

Well, the idea is being talked about.

But it’ll never “fly”.

LOL! I kill me!

So why not? Well, as I never got around to doing a doctorate in aerospace engineering, I cannot speak to the technical side of a 50-year-old concept repackaged for the 21st century. Who knows? Maybe it can be done.

But it will never get “off the ground” (HA!) because, well John Diefenbaker’s government axed the program. Dief was a Conservative. Harper is a Conservative. Resurrecting a project that was killed by a Conservative government would be admitting that a Conservative government had made a bad decision.

And Harper’s government will never, ever admit that they or any other Conservative government made a mistake. Never. It matters not that all the members of the long ago government are probably all dead and gone. All that matters is optics.

So, the Avro Arrow has crashed and burned even before getting clearance for take-off. Sorry to all you folks who are nostagic for this, but it ain’t gonna happen.