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Two by-elections in…

… Ontar-i-ar-i-o today.

The Premier is doing his damnedest to get his majority government… but, as I read it, he won’t get it. At least not now.

Vaughn is a no-brainer. The LPO has a strong candidate and the Hudakites have a has-been. Liberal win.

But in the Ontario home of Oktoberfest, the Libs will be crying in their steins. The Dippers have made a concerted effort to win K-W and they might just pull it off. McGuinty’s strategy of coaxing Liz Witmer (who I have great respect for) away from her seat… well, it didn’t work.

What is clear is that the OPC will come out empty-handed.

Could this be the final nail in Timmy’s leadership coffin?

One can only hope. The sooner that buffoon is off the stage, the better.


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