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Polievre is on another of his…

… clueless rampages again!

Why demonize ALL of the unions because one of them makes a bonehead decision.

Be that as it may (francophones giggle at that phrase), I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of PSAC! They have done this bullshit before in endorsing the Bloq in past elections.

And that is why, the next time PSAC holds one its “information pickets” at my workplace, I will NOT respect it. They can blow their childish whistles at me all they like!


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  1. gordon says:

    Repeated endorsement of separtist parties at the “national” and provincial levels is but one of the reasons I do not respect PSAC lines when they’re on strike. Other reasons include being physically restrained by PSAC members when I attempted to enter a building I was entitled to because I was a contractor not a unionized employee.

  2. ck says:

    Here we go again! The PSAC simply endorsed some candidates from the PQ and others from Quebec Solidaire because unlike the Charest Liberals and more so, Francois Legault of CAQ whose major part of its’ platform was and still is to neuter unions in a big way and cut 7000 jobs, The 2 sovereigntist parties are not as hostile to the working class. As a progressive, I’m surprised you don’t understand this.

    My father voted for REne-Levesque and the PQ in 1976 and he was a Trudeau Liberal and definitely not a sovereigntist. Despite the fact that my dad was fully conscious of the fact that Rene Levesque and the PQ were sovereigntist and knew there could be a referendum down the line, my dad couldn’t vote to re elect the Bourassa Liberals. In addition to the Bourassa Liberals being found up to their eye-balls in scandal by the Cliche Commission, my dad and his fellow teachers were on strike and a long bitter one at that. I was very young at the time, but I do remember how life at home was stressful during the strike. The Bourassa Liberals were not even attempting to negotiate in good faith. My dad knew that he and his fellow teachers were not going to get any kind of deal from the Bourassa Liberals, so he voted PQ in the hopes that a changing of the guard would provide that much needed deal. Was my father a bone head?

    The two federalist (or quasi federalist parties), CAQ and the Liberals are quite right winged. I can’t in my conscience support them. Not those who would seek to take away my job, unions, and the right to bargain collectively in favour of feathering the nests of their corporate friends.

    I voted for Quebec Solidaire, Am I a bone head?

    Also, what is there to love about Canada these days? This is not the Canada we grew up in. This is Harperland where there are no more social programs, the working class are getting beaten down in the race to the bottom to drive down wages. Fruitless austerity programs. What is there to love?

    1. trashee says:

      Hiya – you and I usually see eye to eye on matters political – I guess this isn’t one of those times.

      No – neither you nor your Dad were/are boneheads.

      Here’s the thing. I’m not a Quebecker and I will never understand the reasoning that goes behind the decision of a federalist to vote for a party that has as a main pank, the removal of Québec from Canada. My wife is a québecoise as are many of my in-laws. I work with peeps from across the river and have many, many Quebecker friends. And many of them have tried to explain to this tête carré that most Québecois do not see the separatist parties as evil as does the rest of Canada. They see their progressive platform as the most important consideration and the whole sovereignty thing? Meh. It’ll never happen anyway.

      But I’m an Upper Canadian who simply cannot get past the sovereignty issue. Sorry.

      Naw, this isn’t the Canada that you and I grew up in. Not at all. But I am sure that we can agree that wwe will both fight to get that Canada back… even if we disagree on whether or not a public sector union should support the PQ or BQ… right?

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