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September 5th, 2012:


My eight year old daughter.

She’s worried about how the US President’s girls are doing.

Nice concern.


The American Convention thing..,

…makes me wonder.

This whole “testamental” parade to the podium… not at all something we see very much of in The Great White… at least not to the über degree that we saw at the RNC or the DNC.

How would it look here?

What luminaries would extol the virtues of, say, Justin Trudeau? Stephen Harper?





The Democrats just had a beer making brewer dude endorsing Obama!

How cool is that?

Who endorsed Harper?





Ah. My 8 year old has joined me in watching the DNC. And she’s asking intelligent questions. Yup. A chip off her mom and dad’s block.

Right now, a retired General is talking about the need for respect for vets.

Harper should listen to this stuff.


Be there


Bill Clinton. Someone I admire greatly. Speaking at the DNC at 22:35. This Progressive Canuck is staying up for that. #uspoli


They’re baaaaack….

Yes, dear readers, the separatists have once again grabbed the reins of power in that province that starts with a “Q”. With but a slight advantage over the Liberals, the reins might be loose but make no mistake that Mme. Marois will flex her muscle in those areas that matter most to the paranoid and insecure péquistes: language and sovereignty.

(Hey! cool mixed metaphor, Batman!)

A high (76%) voter turnout (contrary to what the CBC was publishing online last night about a 53% turnout)
elected a weak minority Péquiste government. But keep in mind that most of these folks didn’t vote for sovereignty but rather for progressive social policies – which mean a lot to Quebeckers.

Harper is somewhat to blame for their reaction and this result. He has spurned progressive policies, trumpeted the monarchy, transformed our military from one of peace keepers to peace makers and killed the gun registry (diss it all you want, but it was an important symbol for most in the province). Marois is seen by many as someone who will stand up to Harper and his right-wing agenda.

The Charest Liberals lost because there is a whiff of scandal about and those in la belle province are extremely paranoid after Adscam. Plus, that government had run its course, so to speak. Despite the loss, they remain a strong opposition; leaderless, but strong. That shows what an effective ground game can get you. Many underestimate the importance of the base on E Day.

Finally, the CAQ wasn’t seen by most as a viable alternative to the Liberals. They simply were not seen as “ready”. Maybe next time. Besides, they hold the balance of power and will have the opportunity to influence the government agenda for the foreseeable future. A great campaign has ended in a pretty good result for the upstarts!

Yup… and then some wacko Anglo in a bathrobe crashes the PQ victory party and kills one and injures another.

Gotta love this country…. never a dull moment.

Question – social media wasn’t around the last time the PQ was in power… I wonder what kind of role it will play in the rest of Canada and inside Québec wrt the sovereignty debate that is sure to come… hmmm…