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Attention: dog peeps in my hood…

I don’t think there is a neighbourhood competition to see how many bags of poop can be deposited at the same stop sign.

I don’t get it. You go to the bother of walking your mutt, picking up its feces and then you just leave the bag behind.

Here was Monday:


And this was this morning:



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  1. Allan says:

    That has always baffled me too. I walk our dog on a bush trail. Mostly because if he deposits in the bush it can be left for nature to look after. However I come across poop bags left alongside the trail. I guessing its a pale attempt to show the world how thoughtful they are. When in fact nature would have looked after the poop in days while bagged poop left along the trail could remain for months. I guess the poop by-laws should read – ‘Stoop and Scoop – Oh and Take the Bag Home for Disposal’.

    1. trashee says:

      I’m going to print off a notice that says just that and tape it to the sign in the picture!

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