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August 29th, 2012:

Although I am pretty much as anti-gun as you can be…

… I think that concerns about a store that sells weapons a couple of doors down from a daycare is a little over the top.

Parents of children who attend a daycare east of Ottawa are up in arms as a hunting store that features guns is set to move in two doors down.

Pro Nature is in the midst of opening in a Clarence-Rockland mall that also includes the Tiny Hoppers daycare. The mall is about 35 kilometres east of Ottawa.

Worried mother Katie Riopel said she has safety concerns due to the proximity of guns and young children.

“My personal fear would be that someone would come in after purchasing a firearm and open fire on the kids,” she said. “[It could be] someone that’s not completely there.”


It may be a bit of an incompatible use zoning issue… but only at a stretch.