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August 27th, 2012:

Here’s a pet peeve.

People on motorized scooters, on busy streets, when there is a sidewalk available are a hazard to themselves and others.

This was taken on St. Laurent at Walkley in Ottawa.

And no, I didn’t take the pic while driving. I handed my phone to my 8-year-old to do it.








The “what I would like seen thrown into the Ottawa River”…

… page has been updated.

Check it out.


This is hilarious!

If there is a reader out there who lives in the Tampa area, running off a few hundred copies of this and plastering it hither and yon wouldn’t be a bad idea!

America, the rest of the world is laughing at you.


I’m thinking about setting up…


… a separate photo blog. I’ve become much more interested in iPhone photography lately using Instagram and would like to have a platform to post them to. I have tried Flikr but haven’t been impressed so maybe a blog is the way to go.

Upside is that I’d have a more focussed site and would feel freer to post all the pics I wanted. The downside would be that I wouldn’t post anything that could identify anyone. No faces. Especially those of my family. I can and do control access to family photos on Instagram and Facebook, but it is more difficult to do so on a blog unless I want to make it password protected.

Gotta give this some more thought.


I really hope that Hurricane…

… Issac doesn’t completely wreck the Republican Convention in Tampa! I really do.

Because if it does, then we will be left without such fine examples of how freaking crazy some of these wing nuts can be!

And that, my friends, would be a crying shame.