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Listening to Pierre Polievre…

… on CBC’s The House this morning was a tough task. His rant about the CRTC’s ruling against those nasty and evil Liberals was reminiscent of a nerdy school hall monitor rhyming off the names and offenses of his fellow students to the vice-principal.

But I’m curious, these partisan word vomits are usually met with a rebuttal by the “other” side? Why wasn’t a Liberal spokesperson (pick anyone – pretty easy to outshine PP!) on the air directly afterward? Is the MotherCorp finally giving in to political influence?

I hope not.

Look, what the Grit candidate did was wrong, for sure, but I cannot wait until the tables are turned and the Cons are found guilty of electoral fraud by Elections Canada.

Not that the Harperites will ever fess up.

And there was an unusually high number of CPC trolls today on Twitter. Polievre’s childlike scripted rant has inspired the easily influenced, I guess.

Please:Liberals or Dippers, run a star candidate against this doofus so he just fades away and we don’t have to listen to his hyper-partisanship anymore! Please?


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