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Gone AWOL..

…stolen, actually.

One glass top patio table. Eight years old. Grey metal frame with some rust accents. Missing since Sunday night. Answers to “Patty”.

We had used it for the street party on Sunday. There was a  big downpour afterward and we just moved it back about 8 feet from the curb onto our front “lawn”1 with the intent of taking it to the backyard in the morning.

But apparently, 8 feet was too close to the curb and someone just helped themselves.

I usually don’t mind those scavengers who drive around – or bike around – and collect unwanted materials at the curbside or the contents of our blue boxes on glass and plastic pick-up days. But this time, they went too far. This was theft.

And we are left without a patio table. That sucks.


1. I use the term “lawn” loosely. It is more a strip of grass, weeds, clover and assorted flora.


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