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More and more…

… I’m thinking about getting involved with the Green Party of Ontario.

They are the only Ontario political party who has taken a rational stance on our wasteful and discriminatory duplicate system of education.

Party leader Mike Schreiner wants a public commission to study the best way of amalgamating the separate and public systems into one French and English organization.

Schreiner was in Waterloo Region Wednesday supporting Kitchener-Waterloo Green party candidate Stacey Danckert. The pair spoke to the media from Danckert’s backyard.

Ontario is the only province that funds one religious school system at the exclusion of all others and it needs to stop, Schreiner said.

“Is it fair that public dollars go to an organization that excludes two-thirds of the eligible teachers of being hired based on religion?” he said. “Where else in our society would we allow that?”

Instead, all three “old” parties at Queen’s Park refuse to talk about the contentious issue and choose to “slam the door on even having a conversation about this.”

I like the cut of this guy’s jib… gonna have to look a bit more carefully at their other policies. But, if you have ever been here before, you will know that this is a big issue for me.





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