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August 15th, 2012:

Lots of Twitter bitterness…

… these days. And on both sides of the political spectrum.

Decorum, it seems, has taken a vacation.

The worst Tweets I have seen have lately been attacking and mocking the late Jack Layton:

RT @JohnnyJesus: Do you think #dearjack called the girls Olivia when he was getting Shiatsu’ed ? #ndpquestions#ndp#dearjackmeoff#CdnPoli

I know the Left has been increasingly and equally vitriolic, but I haven’t seen them attacking the recently dead.

How far is too far, folks?


So the Cons are pushing the Con brand…

… by renaming the Ottawa River Parkway the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway.


Seriously, is this really worth the trouble? Are there not already enough buildings and structures named after Sir John A in Ottawa?

We have an airport, a bridge, the new reception centre on Wellington Street and a building at U of O. And just down the road we have the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (the 401)… oh, and take a look at your $10 bill.

I’m sure there are some I am missing.

However, in the spirit of honouring politicians – especially conservative ones – I am willing to suggest some more Ottawa landmarks that John Baird and the gang may want to consider rebranding.

  • The Rideau Canal… too bland and doesn’t translate well… “rideau” literally means “curtain”. How messed up is that??? Why not name it in honour of that beloved but little-known Conservative PM, Sir John Abbott? Think of the crosse-marketing opportunities with the Abbot and Costello franchise. And doesn’t “let’s go for a skate on the Abbott” have a great ring to it?
  • Colonel By Drive is sooooo 19th century! Why not rename it Levant Lane in honour of that truly great author and telejournalist of the same name? Guaranteed “win” in terms of increased TV exposure! All of Levant dozens of viewers will surely flock to Ottawa to gaze at the glory of this wonderful street along the Abbott Canal.
  • Centre Block? East and West Block? Seriously? What happened to the creative machine the day that THESE were named? Pushing into the Abbott Canal, I suspect. In the future, I propose that these majestic buildings on the Hill be named to honour the great heroes of Canada’s emergence from the great recession – the oilsand companies! Dutch Shell Block, China National Petroleum Corp Block, and Exxon Mobil Block – MUCH better!

I’m sure that if we all put our heads together, we can come up with many more new names to replace the old and tired (and sometimes Liberal) names of several more of ByTown’s structures.

Hmmm… ByTown…


Well, I’m a busy man too, officer…

… just like Mayor Ford… is what I’ll say if I am ever pulled over for talking on my cell, eating, reading a paper, watching a video or having a nap while driving.

Hell, if it works for a guy like Rob Ford, who, by virtue of being the Mayor of Canada’s largest city, is supposed to set a good example for the rest of us, then maybe the officer will see my side of the story too!